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Ava my g-daughter and her dog Dakota our golden Retriever

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Golden Retriever,my little wood chipper

Hi, I'm glad you stopped by, feel free to look at the rest of my blog! It has videos,information on animals, hip dysplasia & my golden retriever and his fho surgery and all that is involved.
Dakota has been doing pretty well. Still doesn't have the full balance that he needs. Everytime i stand him up to push on the front of him to put more weight on the back of him, he just sits down lol. So I tried standing him up and just letting him have some weight on the back of his body, but he sat down then too...
We walk alot and he just has a very quick pace so I may end up getting some roller blades to just let him go at his own speed.
The muscle is slowly building up,but it sure is a long process.
He is a little wood chipper,his favorite past time is chewing a stick to wood chips in a matter of minutes. I am going to have to get a bunch of wood for him to chew on, on our back deck for this winter.
Being that we have mostly wood floors, it does not always work to his advantage. He is clumsy and loses his balance at times yet. Especially if he tries to chase the cats!
Keep checking back I am going to start adding some more information on animal care etc.. Have a great day...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Golden Retriever,Dakota today after fho surgery

Today Dakota is doing pretty well. The other day when swimming he tried jumping in the water lifting both of his back feet. This is the first time I have seen him try to do that, so it's improvement.
He has tripped occassionally trying to go up our few front stairs though.
Appetite is better, still putting bacon in with his food and his glucosamine,but he's eating it all.
When walking him the other day, I let him walk the way he wanted to instead of slow and next to my side. He wore me out,he walked very fast paced for 10 blocks never stopping the whole time. I was not prepared for that lol.
I will continue to post news on dakota every few days until he is in my eyes completely back to normal.
Other than that I will add other things of interest on here for all to look at as well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

video of girl and dog finishing the race together

This is up at Central High School Track, every Wednessday through the summer they have children's races split up into age groups. This is Ava's very first race and as you see she didn't make it running lol, as many others. You have to run half of the track for the younger ones, and she did get her first ribbon for finishing.
Check out the rest of my blog, theirs information on hip dysplasia and fho surgery for animals,pictures, videos and more!

Golden Retriever, Ava & Heather finish the race together!

Dakota walked up his first hill yesterday. We went to Central High School for Ava to race in the Wednessday night at the races. Their were 500+ people who showed up with their children.I took pictures of this as well. I know I have a picture addiction! The races were very fun and Dakota loved all the attention he gets every where that he goes. He even walked by one lady and just plopped down right on her lap! Good thing she is a huge animal lover. It started to rain right towards the end of the races, but not before Ava got to run her first race, well run might be stretching it a bit, she walked half of it with Heather and Dakota just to see that she finished it. But it was a good experience for her. When we left, their was a nice hill that Heather had Dakota walk up with her. He didn't slip or anything he did great.
He's not on pain pills anymore, he is still finicky about his food. We break up some bacon treats and put his glucosamine pill in with his food and then he will eat it. At least I don't have to keep giving him rice and hamburger lol.
(check out the rest of my blog, there's information on hip dysplasia,fho surgery for animals,videos,pictures and more.)

Monday, August 4, 2008

golden retriever taken off pain pills post fho surgery

I haven't written in a few days, but Dakota has been doing pretty well. We have been playing ball with him,swimming with him,walking with him, etc... He gets tired and wobbly, but doing well.
He took his last rimidal last night. We hope he doesn't have to go back on them again.
We started him on glucosamine pills which he may have to take forever. Do not make the mistake of giving them to him if he has not eaten first. I did that and he got an upset stomach and threw up 2x. Now, I break it into 4 pieces and put it in with his food after he has had a few bites. Hopefully that will continue to work, because he doesn't like these ones and he has learned how to spit it back out otherwise. The first pill that he hasn't liked to take..
If you are reading this chances are that you may be going through the same process we are. I hope that this information helps you to have an easier time with your pet.

(take a gander at the rest of my blog, there's videos,information on hip dysplasia in animals,pictures,fho surgery and more)

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I'm not sure how your dog is doing right now, but I want to let you know that if he is clumsy,has a wobbly gait which means that he has a swish to his walk, walks with his head down alot (because he is walking on his front half)which my Dakota did. He had great muscle mass in the front half of him because of this,but very little in the back. Won't even attempt to jump up on your furniture, which is good but at the same time can show you that he doesn't want to use them back limbs.Goes to move your hand with his nose if you are trying to rub those back limbs in the hip joint area (because he is sore,so he is protecting them).sometimes they will literally stumble going up stairs etc.. Now I am not saying that this is definately hip dysplasia in your animal because i am no doctor but those are the things that went on with him and he had severe hip dysplasia.Just ideas,things to watch for and ask your vet about if you are noticing any of this in your animal... These are things that I noticed when we had Dakota. Now, it was a little different with him because he had just been neutered so we weren't sure if things were going on with that at first or something else was going on until a few weeks had passed by and he just wasn't healing like we thought he should be so we made him a vet appointment thank goodness. If you are here, I am assuming that the reason has to do with a possible surgery coming up and you want to learn more and make the right decision. I am so glad that you are doing this!! First of all make sure that you read on the choices of surgeries if you haven't talked to your vet on that yet. I am still worried that maybe the complete hip surgery may have been the way to go for him instead of the fho surgery. He is out of pain which was my goal of course and it will never come back so I am told. But, he has such a swish still when he walks and pretty clumsy still. I know it is early yet and hopefullly these things will still take care of themselves with time and muscle growth. Just something to think about if you have a larger dog like I do. Research,Research,Research you have one chance. Make sure that you make the right one for you and your loved pet.

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