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Friday, January 16, 2009

Stop Dog Barking

Do you have a problem with your dog barking? If so, then you are not alone. This is a common problem that can be treated with a little bit of knowledge and persistence. Here are some tips and tricks for teaching your dog to stop barking.

Stop Dog Barking Author: Nick Krueger Do you have a problem with your dog barking? If so, then you are not alone. This is a common problem that can be treated with a little bit of knowledge and persistence. Here are some tips and tricks for teaching your dog to stop barking. If you have ever had the embarrassment of a neighbor calling you asking you to please stop your dog from barking, then you are not alone. If you have ever had a visit from the local police about your dog’s noisy behavior, then you know you had better react quickly. Barking is a way your dog communicates with the world. Therefore, when a dog barks, he is saying something. Therefore, you have to control and stop dog barking before it gets out of hand. Hitting, yelling at, or punishing your dog for his barking will not solve the problem and might cause your dog more confusion about the rules you are attempting to set. It might also make him aggressive towards you or worse yet, others. Now that you understand that punishment is not the way to stop your dog from barking, you might be wondering how to properly go about solving the issue. First, change your mindset. It is easier to attract flies with honey than with vinegar. In other words, attract your dog’s attention with incentives and rewards he’ll receive for not barking. If you reward him, he’ll want to keep up the good behavior in hopes of receiving more love and treats. Regardless of whether you have a puppy or a dog that barks, it isn´t that difficult to get him to stop barking. Before using any methods to stop his behavior, think about your dog´s needs. Yes, he does have needs. Is he tied up to a tree all day? Is he left alone without any attention for extended periods? Does he get to run everyday for at least thirty minutes to an hour? Is he hungry, thirsty, or sick? Remember, barking means something, even if it is a cry for attention. If your dog is getting lots of love, attention, devotion, and freedom, and the barking persists, you will have to take direct action. Sometimes obtaining professional materials online is a great way to learn about your options. You might also contact a veterinarian behaviorist who might be able to take a look at your dog – something that will help you ascertain whether your dog is in pain, sick, hurting, or perhaps just nervous. However, if all else fails, you might consider adapting your training methods. If the dog is outside or inside when he begins to bark, go to him and say in a firm voice without yelling, „No bark!„ or „Be quiet!„ Then, when you have the dog’s attention, give him a treat and praise the dog calmly saying, „Good boy. No bark. „ Your dog will quickly learn the commands in hopes of obtaining more rewards. While this method may work for some, other methods will have to be employed for other dogs, especially pedigree. Many products on the market will do wonders to stop dog barking. Some use sounds, sprays, or other methods help you have a quieter or even calmer dog. If you are interested in more information about how to stop dog barking, you might want to look into purchasing some professional dog obedience training material. Click here to see a comparison chart of some of the top dog obedience training products on the market today. Nick Krueger is a review specialist at For more information about dog training and dog training product reviews, please visit:1 Article Source:

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I'm not sure how your dog is doing right now, but I want to let you know that if he is clumsy,has a wobbly gait which means that he has a swish to his walk, walks with his head down alot (because he is walking on his front half)which my Dakota did. He had great muscle mass in the front half of him because of this,but very little in the back. Won't even attempt to jump up on your furniture, which is good but at the same time can show you that he doesn't want to use them back limbs.Goes to move your hand with his nose if you are trying to rub those back limbs in the hip joint area (because he is sore,so he is protecting them).sometimes they will literally stumble going up stairs etc.. Now I am not saying that this is definately hip dysplasia in your animal because i am no doctor but those are the things that went on with him and he had severe hip dysplasia.Just ideas,things to watch for and ask your vet about if you are noticing any of this in your animal... These are things that I noticed when we had Dakota. Now, it was a little different with him because he had just been neutered so we weren't sure if things were going on with that at first or something else was going on until a few weeks had passed by and he just wasn't healing like we thought he should be so we made him a vet appointment thank goodness. If you are here, I am assuming that the reason has to do with a possible surgery coming up and you want to learn more and make the right decision. I am so glad that you are doing this!! First of all make sure that you read on the choices of surgeries if you haven't talked to your vet on that yet. I am still worried that maybe the complete hip surgery may have been the way to go for him instead of the fho surgery. He is out of pain which was my goal of course and it will never come back so I am told. But, he has such a swish still when he walks and pretty clumsy still. I know it is early yet and hopefullly these things will still take care of themselves with time and muscle growth. Just something to think about if you have a larger dog like I do. Research,Research,Research you have one chance. Make sure that you make the right one for you and your loved pet.

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